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Are you being picked on for being different? Do you often feel sad when you feel like you don't fit in? Sadness comes in all forms and can make you feel alone. It’s okay to talk about your feelings & that’s what we’re going to do! 

In this adventure, I help a skunk through her sadness because she doesn’t feel like she belongs. I also provide parents & teachers conversational questions & tips to help navigate through the emotion of sadness. Take me to your home and school so I can guide you on how to manage emotions. Let’s Go!

What People Are Saying

“The Adventures of Henry the Hedgehog: The Watering Hole is a grand selection for story time. Afterward, young listeners can be prompted to answer or think about the questions posed throughout the book. This book is also written at a level that makes it suitable for young readers to try on their own. Most highly recommended.”


Jack M., Reader’s Favorite

"This amazing children’s tale hit very close to home for me. Being bullied is hard & it takes a lot of courage to stand up to bullies. Renea Skelton’s beautifully written tale teaches children & adults alike that each individual, whether an animal or a human being, is unique and has a beauty about themselves which cannot be duplicated. I very much recommend "The Adventures of Henry the Hedgehog" not only to children of early reading age but also to parents of children who want to teach their child acceptance, love, & friendship toward others.”


Rosie M. for Readers’ Favorite

Invite Henry and Dr. Renea Skelton to visit your school or organization!

She Brings:

  • An excellent way to encourage students to read

  • Teaches students about emotions & how to manage them

  • Empowers & inspires students

  • Shows that the author is a “real” person

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