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About The Author

Dr. Renea Skelton

It all started with a dream, a dream of endless curiosity.


Many of our identities are stable throughout our journey. I am a woman. I am an Air Force veteran. I am a student in life. Other roles become part of us over time; I am a wife, mother, a friend, & an author.


Throughout childhood, I wrote poetry as an outlet to navigate through emotional events. As a senior in high school, the yearbook staff asked what I would accomplish in 10 years. I stated, “I will write an autobiography.” Fast-forward 10 years later, I did not write that autobiography. I was serving in the military & raising a family, with little time to write.   


Eventually, I found small pockets of time to write blogs & create a podcast (BattlePod) to share research I was conducting offering valid resources. It allowed me to share thoughts on self-awareness topics that mattered most to me & introduce methods to help people overcome challenges within their lives. As I saw the need grow, I created my own business in which I now help clients effectively communicate within their relationships & increase their emotional intelligence. This turned into writing again…books that would help parents talk to their children about emotions, books that helped children navigate through their emotions. 


My dream is not over. I will write that autobiography. Writing, like all of life, is a never-ending journey. The roles are always changing & growing. Follow your heart, follow your dreams, never give up – & come from a place of endless curiosity!

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About The Illustrator 


Kylie Box

As a kid drawing was my escape, it still is. It brings me joy. It is a place where anything goes, & it does not have to make sense or be literal. 


I started my career in Graphic Reproduction using photoshop, & then moving into graphic design. Soon thereafter, my online business began. I created canvases & started creating them digitally which led to creating custom artworks. I joined online groups to start making a greater presence & learn new techniques which enriched me with more skills. Eventually, I concentrated on creating a portfolio, contacted publishing companies, & I illustrated my first book. Now, with 28 years’ experience covering, illustrating, graphic design & finished art, I have created whole books, laying out the spreads. I realize the text is part of the art & is just as important as the images. It helps tells the story. 

Then one day an author name Dr. Renea Skelton sent me a message & asked me to draw her a Hedgehog! 

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