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Does your child struggle with managing their emotions when they become impatient or angry? This is your opportunity to go on an adventure with your little one & help them navigate through a story of Emotional Intelligence. As the adventure unfolds, Henry blames his best friend for his missing raspberries & then comes to realize his anger could have cost him his friendship. This story teaches children it's important to talk about how they are feeling & provides parents the tools needed to help navigate through the emotions. 

What People Are Saying

“I ordered this book for my two nephews & my niece & they love it. It is about time that a book has been created to teach children Emotional Intelligence at such a young age. I believe this book needs to be read in schools everywhere!”


Barbara Jordan, Mom, Aunt, Sister

“The Adventures of Henry the Hedgehog provides a story with the perfect mix of science, forgiveness & friendship all while teaching the reader strategies for dealing with big angry feelings. With a thoughtful & engaging story, alongside delightful illustrations, this book is a powerful tool for adults to use at home or school to start conversations that can help kids understand & work with uncomfortable emotions. As a 16-year elementary school counselor, this book will be a go-to resource in my office.  I can’t wait to see more of what Henry has to teach us.”


Lindsay Garrison, M.Ed. Professional School Counselor

Invite Henry and Dr. Renea Skelton to visit your school or organization!

She Brings:

  • An excellent way to encourage students to read

  • Teaches students about emotions & how to manage them

  • Empowers & inspires students

  • Shows that the author is a “real” person

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