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The Case of the Missing Raspberries

Book #1: Helps your child understand and manage ANGER

Do you feel angry when you can't find something? Does your face turn red, and you can't seem to stay calm?


In this adventure, Henry the Hedgehog blames his best friend, Patrick the Porcupine, for taking his missing raspberries. Henry comes to realize his anger could have cost him a friendship.


This thoughtful and engaging story teaches children how to identify when they're feeling angry and how to deal with their anger in a non-destructive way.


The book also provides parents, caregivers, and teachers strategies and tips to help a child navigate through anger. 

Reading Age: 3–9 years old

Format: Paperback Picture Book

Language: English

Year Published: 2020

Length: 30 pages

Size: 8.5 in x 8.5 in x .08 in

What Readers Are Saying...


"With a thoughtful and engaging story, alongside delightful illustrations, this book is a powerful tool for adults to use at home or school to start conversations that can help kids understand and work with uncomfortable emotions."

Lindsay Garrison, M.Ed.

Professional School Counselor

"I absolutely love this! The book is fiction that includes facts at the bottom and ways to cope with anger. I learned so much about porcupines and hedgehogs, breathing techniques to keep me calm, and friendship... Children can definitely benefit from this book."


2nd Grade Teacher

"Have you ever lost something and blamed your sister or brother or a friend? Read along as Henry loses his raspberries... This story asks, how do you deal with anger? ... I really liked the fun facts at the bottom of each page. Illustrations are fun."

Susan Reynolds

Amazon Reviewer

Invite Henry and Dr. Renea Skelton to visit your school or organization!

Encourage your students to readand see that authors are "real" peoplewith a fun visit by the creator behind Henry.

During Dr. Renea's visit, your students will:

  • Listen to a Henry story, read to them by Dr. Renea

  • Receive a free Henry-themed bookmark

  • Have their own Henry books signed by Dr. Renea

  • Get answers to their questions about emotions

  • Have access to a free library copy of a Henry book

As a result, your students will learn how to label and manage their emotions—in a fun and engaging way.

"My class loved the adventures and were excited that the author signed each book. The visit seemed to make it 'click' for them that authors are real people!"

— Elementary School Teacher, Texas

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