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Brock's Big Forest Test

Brock's Big Forest Test

Do things sometimes not go your way? Maybe you lost a game, made a mistake, or did not pass a test at school?


In this adventure, Henry the Hedgehog and Shelly the Skunk help Brock the Beaver through his embarrassment after he fails his big forest test. With their support, Brock learns that it's okay to experience failure sometimes and to help others by sharing his experience.


This thoughtful and engaging story teaches children how to identify when they're feeling embarrassed and how to deal with their embarrassment in a non-destructive way.


The book also provides parents, caregivers, and teachers strategies and tips to help a child navigate through embarrassment.


The Adventures of Henry the Hedgehog book series was written by Dr. Renea Skelton to teach children Emotional Intelligence. The series provides parents, caregivers, teachers, and counselors strategies to help children navigate through emotions in an engaging way.


    What Readers Are Saying...

    "I ordered this book for my two nephews and my niece, and they love it. It is about time that a book has been created to teach children Emotional Intelligence at such a young age. I believe this book needs to be read in schools everywhere!"

    Barbara Jordan
    Mom, Aunt, Sister

    "This amazing children’s tale hit very close to home for me... I very much recommend this book series, not only to children of early reading age but also to parents who want to teach their child acceptance, love, and friendship toward others."

    Rosie M.
    Reader's Favorite Reviewer

    "Filled with colorful details and charm...this book is excellent. It provides valuable life lessons about friendship. It gives adults...a path to follow. A way to express to a child that it’s okay to be afraid. It’s part of life. And it’s also manageable."

    Bruce Arrington
    Readers' Favorite Reviewer

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