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Hi! I’m Henry. It’s okay to talk about your feelings & that's what we're going to do! Come with me on an adventure through stories using Emotional Intelligence. Each adventure provides parents, teachers, & counselors conversational questions & tips to help navigate through a certain emotion. Take me to your home & school so I can guide you on how to manage emotions. Let's Go!

The Case of the Missing Raspberries

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Do you feel angry when you can’t find something? Does your face turn red & you can’t seem to stay calm? Anger comes in all forms & can make you feel out of control. In this adventure, I become angry when I can’t find my raspberries & my best friend tries to calm me down.

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The Watering Hole

Are you being picked on for being different? Do you often feel sad when you feel like you don’t fit in? Sadness comes in all forms & can make you feel alone. In this adventure, I help a skunk through her sadness because she doesn’t feel like she belongs.

Hiding in The Forest

Sometimes we must change schools, move to a new home, or find new friends. Fear comes in all forms & can make us scared because we don't know what to expect. In this adventure, I help a beaver through his fear of moving to a new place.

The Harvest Moon Festival at Big Rock

Sometimes our loved ones can no longer be with us. You may feel happy & sad when you think about them. Grief comes in all forms & can confuse us. In this adventure, I help a rabbit understand & feel grief.

"My class loved the adventures & were excited that the author signed each one. Seemed to make it click for them that authors are real people!"


                                          - Elementary School Teacher, Texas


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